castle of Gicon
castle of Gicon

-castle of Gicon

At about 5 km distance of "Gervic"

A nice walk up the rocky hill, trough the wineyards, and then up to the highest point, were the ruine of the castle is situated.

A impressive view on the river and the surrounding villages.



View on the village, while taking the litte foothpad from the ship goïng up into the hills.


Many opportunities for walking into nature, to visit the surrounding villages on footh, and to taste the local wines

 Sunset; view from the terras of the ship.


View on the Mont Ventoux, on the other side of the wide Rhône

-The Rhone, the ship of our neighbour, and in the back, the village

Our mooring place, with on the other side of the Rhone Mornas, middle-age village, with castle on rock 






  SAUTADET waterfalls, by car a 15 minutes drive


The historical classified middle aged village La Roque